Marcus Kuchler and his team are inventing, developing and designing products since 1990 for major brands, in various industries, allover the globe.

10 designers and engineers with multiple skills are looking after hundreds of projects in various branches and categories and form an incredibly effective team, to create innovations and classics to last forever. Surveys, ideas, sketches, presentations, cad-models, renderings and design models are leaving the the munich studio daily, and at least each quarter one new product is launched with the DNA of marwin.

In 1990 marwin developed the PTS Porsche Luggage Series for RIMOWA. From 1995 until 2016, marwin developed technical solutions and the aesthetic look of various suitcase series and suitcase components.







With 30 years experience, deep technical knowledge and the passion for perfect aesthetics, we create sustainable and timeless products for our clients all over the globe.