Innovative product design

Marcus Kuchler and his team are inventing, developing and designing products since 1990 for major brands, in various industries, allover the globe.

At marwin, we look at companies and their products with a practiced outside perspective to develop innovative and creative solutions. Our expertise and understanding of clients‘ needs enables us to drive new technologies and designs.
We are pioneers in the development of ground-breaking ideas and approaches that enable companies to stand out from the competition. Our creative solutions fuse technological advances with aesthetic brilliance to create unique and engaging products.
Our team of highly skilled and innovative specialists bring a variety of perspectives and experience to develop customized solutions. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and embrace forward-thinking trends to give our customers a competitive edge.
With our exceptional creativity and deep understanding of the market, we set new standards for innovation and design. We constantly strive to push the boundaries and discover new possibilities to help companies develop unique and successful products.
marwin PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT is the partner at your side to help you realize your visions and open up new horizons. Together we are writing the future of technology and design.

In 1990 marwin developed the PTS Porsche Luggage Series for PORSCHE and introduced RIMOWA for production. From 1995 until 2016, marwin developed technical solutions and the aesthetic look of various RIMOWA suitcase series and suitcase components.







With 30 years experience, deep technical knowledge and the passion for perfect aesthetics, we create sustainable and timeless products for our clients all over the globe.

With almost 100 patented innovations, and various design awards marwin demonstrates its exceptional creativity and innovative spirit. This impressive number of registered patents is testament to our ability to develop ground-breaking solutions and set new standards in our industry. Our expertise and commitment to continuous development allows us to constantly generate new ideas and develop advanced technologies. Our innovative mindset coupled with our pursuit of excellence leaves no doubt that marwin is a pioneer in the industry.

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